7s Dues

Full Members are dues paying members and shall have all the right and obligations stated and implied in the By-Laws.


Players are required to be CIPP Certified through USA Rugby

Do your CIPP registration at USA Rugby (look for the Blues under “Unions” and then the Capital Geographic Union).

USA Rugby Membership also includes accident insurance for bodily injury please visit usarugby.org for more information.


For you new guys who are coming from another club, here are the four steps you need to take before you take the field with us:

1) Complete online request form through USA Rugby.

2) Have your old club provide a letter or email stating you are in good standing, don’t owe them money, and that they support the transfer

3) A letter or email from the governing Referee’s Society of your previous club stating you have no outstanding disciplinary issues

4) Change your CIPP to the Norfolk Blues

If you have any questions or concerns, please let Rob Parsons or Coach Porter know.


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