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The Norfolk Blues Vision statement
The vision of the Norfolk Blues is to create an environment driven by player development, personal growth, community engagement, and a wholesale buy in to the ongoing success of the club.

The Team

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The Norfolk City Blues Rugby Football Club was founded in the Spring of 1978 as the result of a merger between the Norfolk Rugby and Norfolk Irish Rugby Clubs. Through the Fall of 2022, the Blues have accumulated a first side 15’s record of 629-250-18.

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The NCBRFC has represented the state of Virginia in playoff competition and have had numerous players chosen to State and Regional Select Side teams. The Blues are active in all aspects of Rugby, whether it is 15’s, 10’s, 7’s, Old Boys, Refereeing, or Administration.

The Blues team colors are Blue and Gold, the colors of the City of Norfolk. The Norfolk Blues are named after the Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, a military unit dating back to 1829; their oath of service said they would “…never surrender…”.

The Militia
The Norfolk Mace

The team symbol is the Norfolk Mace, a large, ornamental mace that was crafted in London from pure silver. It was presented to the ‘Borough of Norfolk’ in 1754 by Robert Dinwiddie, lieutenant general of Norfolk from 1751 to 1758 and is still used today for public ceremonies. The Norfolk Blues are a member club of the Capital Rugby Union, the Mid Atlantic Conference, and the USA Rugby Football Union.

The Blues Vision

As a premier Rugby Football Club in the United States of America, the Norfolk City Blues will promote a sustainable brand as a cornerstone of East Coast rugby based on a winning tradition for all ages.

Blues - 1978


Back Row (L-R): George Boothby, Mike Old, Jeff Sands, Dan Lonergan, Bob Gebron, Rob “Robo” Roberson, Jody Walker, David Chapman, James “Sandy” Sands, Phil Mosser
Front Row: (L-R): Otis Purvis, Mike “Ozzie” Osborne, Dale Carlson, Keith Wright, Curtis Hall

Past OfficersPresidentCaptain
1978Sandy SandsJeff Sands/Otis Purvis
1978-1979Alex KalasinskyGeorge Boothby
1979-1980Alex Kalasinsky/Ben VanderberryPhil Mosser
1980-1981Ben VanderberryJeff Sands
1981-1982Ben VanderberryOtis Purvis
1982-1983Sandy SandsOtis Purvis
1983-1984Don MuscacchioTim Spruill
1984-1985Jim BookerDane Cheek
1985-1986Jim BookerJohn Ballinger
1986-1987Tom DonovanJohn Ballinger/James Painter
1987-1988Tom DonovanDan Lonergan
1988-1989David ChapmanJames Painter
1989-1990David ChapmanJohn Ballinger
1990-1991David ChapmanMike Crabbs
1991-1992David ChapmanChip Fenn
1992-1993Mike CrabbsTim Trivette
1993-1994Mike CrabbsTim Trivette
1994-1995Bill WilsonDoug Moog
1995-1996David ChapmanKeith Wright
1996-1997David ChapmanDarin Darden
1997-1998Mike CrabbsKeith Wright
1998-1999Bryan HankinsKeith Wright
1999-2000Bryan HankinsDarin Darden
2000-2001Tim WalshDarin Darden
2001-2002Tim WalshChris Porter
2002-2003Tim WalshChris Porter
2003-2004Matt RobinetteChris Porter
2004-2005Matt RobinetteChris Porter
2005-2006Matt RobinetteChris Porter
2006-2007Matt RobinetteEd Stockunas
2007-2008Matt RobinetteFred Wintermantel
2008-2009Matt RobinetteChris Porter
2009-2010David SpiveyFred Wintermantel
2010-2011David SpiveyJosh Fogle (Fall), Ed Stockunas (Spring)
2011-2012David SpiveyEd Stockunas
2012-2013David SpiveyJohn Leo
2013-2014Rob ParsonsJohn Leo
2014-2015Rob ParsonsJohn Leo
2015-2016Rob ParsonsFred Wintermantel
2016-2017Rob ParsonsEric Hagen
2017-2018David ParadisoEric Hagen
2018-2019David ParadisoJake Humphrey
2019-2020Jimmy SmithJake Humphrey
The Pandemic Year
Jimmy Smith Jake Humphrey
2021-2022 Jimmy Smith Jake Humphrey
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