Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame

The administration of the NBHOF is performed by the Hall of Fame Council and follows its by-laws. Seven former players constituted the original committee for time-limited terms; all selected members of the NBHOF become full members of the Hall of Fame Council, joining the existing council for as long as they wish to remain active.

2023 HoF

Tom Donovan, Prop, Coach, Administrator
Steve Walters, Prop, #8, Administrator
Fred Wintermantel, Back, Forward

2022 HoF

Mike Herron, Flanker, Back, Administrator
John Leo, Fullback, Forward, Coach
Mike Old, #8
Billy Wilson, Hooker, Coach, President

2021 HoF

Dane Cheek, Scrumhalf
TJ Chifoko, #8
Mike Crabbs, Scrumhalf, Captain, Administrator
Mick White, Prop

2020 HoF

John Ballinger, Flanker, Center, Captain
John “Hambone” Hamilton, 2nd Row, #8
Curtis Hall, Flyhalf
Alex Kalasinsky, Prop, Administrator

2019 HoF

Dale Carlson, Scrumhalf
Tim Spruill, Hooker, Captain

2018 HoF

Darin Darden, Hooker, Captain
Jamie Newnam, Flanker
Ed Stockunas, Fullback, Flyhalf, Wing, Captain
Tom West, Hooker, Treasurer-from-heck

2017 HoF

Mike Osborne, 1978-1985, Center, Flanker
Matt Robinette, 1997-2014, Scrumhalf, Flyhalf, Administrator, Coach
James Painter, 1986-1997, Flanker

2016 HoF

David Chapman, 1978-Present, Prop, Lock, Administrator, Coach
Chris Porter, 1993-Present, Center, Hooker, Coach
Danny Lonergan, 1978-2012, Loose Forward, Lock, Coach
Tim Trivette, 1984-2005, Lock, Prop

2015 HoF (Initial)

John Ellis, 1978-Present, Flyhalf, Founding Coach
George Boothby, 1978-1985 Flanker, Coach
Keith Wright, 1978-2012, Wing, Center, Flanker, Prop
Otis Purvis, 1978-1988, Center, Flyhalf

2016 HOF

The Hall of Fame Council and all living members of the NBHOF will elect members to the NBHOF. Anyone may nominate an individual to be elected to the NBHOF. In order to be considered, the nomination must be made in writing and detail why they feel the individual should be elected to the NBHOF. Nominations may be sent via email or by letter to NBHOF official addresses. There is no limit to the number of nominations each year. Player nominees shall have retired from continuous/serious “A-side” or representative competition.


No more than four candidates will be admitted annually. All election proceedings of the council shall be kept confidential.

All members must be of sound character and have done nothing to dishonor the game of rugby. If any member of NBHOF fails to meet these criteria after being elected as a member, the NBHOF membership may elect to remove that member.

A presentation of new honorees shall be made annually to the current club, either in a special recognition ceremony or at the Norfolk City Blues Rugby Football Club’s annual awards banquet.

Alex Kalasinsky

Vice Chair
John Ellis

David Hamberg