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The Blue(s) Note(s)


  1. 7’s training is at 6:45 PM @ Lafayette Park on Tuesday and Thursday. Get some fitness in gents! Tournaments coming up on July 10, 17, and 24.
  2. 15s practice will begin in August. Date TBD.
  3. Unless you are playing 7s, do NOT do your USA Rugby registration. The new cycle starts on 9/1 and registration will be announced. However, if you are playing 7s, you mist be registered:
  4. The MAC league schedule is now ready and posted via the Schedule link.

Home games are at Lafayette Park at 38th and Granby Sts in Norfolk or at Captain Slade Cutter Park in Norfolk (watch the match announcements!).

Practice during the regular 15s season is at Captain Slade Cutter Park in Norfolk on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 PM – 9 PM.

The Laws of the Game and USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

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Blues at Cape Fear

The Blues 7s team took 15 players to Cape Fear 7s on June 26-27; the team finished 2nd in their pool and qualified for the Championship bracket but lost in the quarter finals to Beltway Elite; coaches and leadership team are excited about getting the MAC 7s season underway

Dayton 22-0 (W)
Beltway Elite 14-12 (L)
Kenya Exiles 5-5 (T)

Columbia 24-0 (W)
Quarterfinal: Beltway Elite 24-7 (L)

Blues HoF Ceremony

Norfolk Blues Hall of Fame gathering on June 5, 2021where John “Flathead” Ballinger, Curtis “Whirybird” Hall, John “Hambone” Hamilton & Alex “The Kink” Kalasinsky were inducted (belatedly) for 2020. Left to Right: Chapman, Trivette, Porter, Darden, Lonergan, Ellis, Wright, Stockunas, Painter, Kalasinsky, Newnam, Spruill, Ballinger, Hamilton, Carlson, and Hall.