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Blues HoF Ceremony

Norfolk Blues Hall of Fame gathering on June 5, 2021where John “Flathead” Ballinger, Curtis “Whirybird” Hall, John “Hambone” Hamilton & Alex “The Kink” Kalasinsky were inducted (belatedly) for 2020. Left to Right: Chapman, Trivette, Porter, Darden, Lonergan, Ellis, Wright, Stockunas, Painter, Kalasinsky, Newnam, Spruill, Ballinger, Hamilton, Carlson, and Hall.

The Blue(s) Note(s)


  1. 7’s training begins June 8th, 6:45 PM @ Lafayette Park. We are still working on the Final Schedule, stayed tuned for an update. If you plan to play, please keep your weekends open from Mid-June to Late July. Get some fitness in gents!
  2. 15s practice will begin in August. Date TBD.
  3. Do your USA Rugby registration at
  4. MAC is constructing the15s league schedule for Fall 2021.

Home games are at Lafayette Park at 38th and Granby Sts in Norfolk or at Captain Slade Cutter Park in Norfolk (watch the match announcements!).

Practice during the regular 15s season is at Captain Slade Cutter Park in Norfolk on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 PM – 9 PM.

The Laws of the Game and USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines

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Blues News

The Blues have been cleared to begin training this Thursday, March 11. Hopefully, we will be playing matches in April.

Today (03/06/2021), former Blues Doczilla Irey and Cecil Garber IV square off in an MLR exhibition match as NOLA Gold take on the Houston Sabercats.

Watch current player James Fraser on Jeopardy! next Wednesday, March 10th with special guest host, Katie Couric. For your local channel and time, check this link: