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The Blue(s) Note(s)


  1. COVID-19 update: 15s is cancelled. No word on 7s. See:
  2. 7s status is unknown due to COVID-19 and allowance to participate by USAR.
  3. Fall 2020 practice will be at Cutter Park and is every Tuesday and Thursday through mid-November. Start of practice will be announced in July. Check the Facebook players-only page for practice updates (i.e., weather).

Home games are at Lafayette Park at 38th and Granby Sts in Norfolk or at Captain Slade Cutter Park in Norfolk (watch the match announcements!).

Practice during the 15s season is at Captain Slade Cutter Park in Norfolk on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 PM – 9 PM.

The Laws of the Game and Game Management Guidelines – 2018-2019

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Blues v NOVA and Rapp

Blues D3 opened things up with a hard fought match against Rappahannock. It was back and forth into the 2nd half when the Blues D3 pulled within 5 at 29-24. Then Rappahannock exploited the inexperience of the the Blues D3 to pull away for a 50-24 win.

The D1 match between NOVA and the Blues D1 was hard hitting and action packed. NOVA capitalized on the Blues penalties with penalty kicks to get on the board, while Norfolk answered back with trys. The Blues took a 34-28 lead with about 15 minutes to play and then chased down a NOVA break to seal the win.

Great day for the club with a ton of players taking the pitch to represent the Blues on both teams.