Old Boys

Our Old Boys are a loyal group of supporters who support us socially, professionally, and financially.


Love the camaraderie of rugby? Have you had to hang up your cleats (Never!)? Still want to remain involved with the club, support the club financially, receive information, and support the current players and their goal for National Prominence? You can still support the Norfolk Blues you love through Old Boys membership and take part in all the great rugby traditions.

Old Boys can become/remain official members by paying the Old Boys membership dues ($100 per year; June 1-May 31). For your membership, you will receive your name on the website identifying you as a member, information on the club, Old Boy events (new), and the famous Bluesletter. Most importantly know that you are giving back to our great sport and the finest Club in the US, the Norfolk Blues. While you will always receive news, support the boys with your membership to help our overall club grow and support the next generation of local ruggers.

P.S. They will also have to listen to your stories.

Old Boys Dues via Venmo? @ncbrfc

2023-2024: David Chapman, Eric Hagen, Jack Russell, Chris Hayes. Mick White, Jeff Anderson, Andy Pero, Tim Spruill, Jonathan Cox, Alex Kalasinsky, Lex Maccubbin, Joe Gaber, Bill Wilson, Jeff Whealton, Christopher Kirkwood, Erik Miller, George Mirmelstein, Mike Crabbs, Cary Kennedy, John Leo, John “Hambone” Hamilton, Jorge Gonzalez.

2022-2023: Joe Gaber, David Chapman, Jim Booker, John Ellis, Alex Kalasinsky, Doc Irey, Eric Hagen, Lex Maccubbin, John Hamilton, George Mirmelstein, David Spivey, Jack Russell, Steve Link, Mike Herron, John Leo, George Boothby, Michael “Fuzzi” Wagner, Jonathan Cox, Alan Larive, Mick White, Billy Wilson, Steve Walters, Andy Pero, Mike Crabbs, Dutch Jones, Matt Holsopple, Jeff Anderson, Jamie Newnam, Erik Miller, Brandon Holland, Tim Trivette, David Masiello, Jeff Whealton, Kenny McCombs, Chris Cowan, Fred Wintermantel, Ed Stockunas, Cary Kennedy, Johnny Cameron, Matt Seaton, Dan Roach, Jamie Marshall, Tim Spruill, Greg Robinette, Drew Somplasky, Chris Porter, Mac Marrone, Leroi Edwards, Todd Evans, Matt Robinette, Mike “Doc” Ireland, Jeff Dryer, Pete Jacoby, James Cross, David Paradiso, Steven Mendez, Anthony Sandoval, John Wood, Drew Rogers, Daniel Hare, Tom Donovan, Mike Old, John Ballinger, Kevin Inglin, Steve Terjesen, Pat Mitchell, Chas Muller.

2021-2022: Alex Kalasinsky, Greg Robinette, Alan Larivee, Matt Holsopple, Mick White, David Chapman, Doc Irey, Ed Stockunas, Andy Pero, Mike Ireland, Fred Wintermantel, Mike Crabbs, Steven Mendez, Matt Robinette, John Leo, Tim Spruill, Jonathan Cox , Jamie Marshall, Bill Wilson, James Painter, Tom Donovan, Steve Link, John Fenn, Joe Gaber, Chris Cowan, George Mirmelstein, John Ellis, Jack Russell, Jamie Newnam, John Ballinger, Darin Darden, John “Spice” Hamilton, Jeff Anderson, Jim Booker, Lex Maccubbin, Dan Roach, Mike Old, John Rockwell, Kenny McCombs, Dutch Jones, Robb Parsons, Eric Hagen, Cecil Garber III, Cecil Garber IV, John “Hambone” Hamilton, Mike Herron, Steve Walters, Bob Gebron, Chas Muller, Martin Reilly, Andrew Somplasky, David Spivey, Andrew Mooney, Josh Fogle, Steve Terjesen, Mac Marrone, Tim Trivette, Mike Fussell, John Thornton, Jeff Whealton.

2020-2021 (The Pandemic Year): Alex Kalasinsky, David Chapman, Lex Maccubbin, David Masiello, John “Hambone” Hamilton, Cary Kennedy, Tim Spruill, Steve Burgess, Jonathan Cox, John Rockwell, Jamie Newnam, Martin Riley, Johnny Ellis, George Mirmelstein, Jim Booker, John Fenn, John Carr, Steve Walters, Tim Trivette, Mike Herron, Matt Robinette, Jack Russell, Joe Gaber, Mick White, Fred Wintermantel.

2019-2020: Alex Kalasinsky, David Chapman, James Irey, Tim Spruill, John Ellis, Tim Trivette, Jonathan Cox, Mick White, Jamie Newnam, Chris Cowan, John Rockwell, Lex Maccubbin, Darin Darden, Steve Walters, Jeff Anderson, Mike Fussell, Otis Purvis, Mike Herron, John “Hambone” Hamilton, Kenny McCombs, Matt Seaton, John Ellis, Matt Holsopple, Eric Hagen, David Spivey, Alan Larivee, Greg Robinette, David Masiello, Ed Stockunas, Jim Witcher, Johnny Cameron, Danny Hare, David Paradiso. John Carr, Steve Link, Tom Donovan, Fred Wintermantel, Dave Hamberg, George Boothby, John Fenn.

2018-2019: John Rockwell, David Chapman, Dan Roach, Alex Kalasinsky, John Ellis, Tim Trivette, John Carr, Matt Seaton, Jim Booker, Fred Wintermantel, Chris Cowan, Alan Larivee, Mick White, Cecil Garber, John Cameron, Eric Hagen, Greg Robinette, Matt Holsopple, Jeff Whealton, David Masiello, Mike Fussell, Jamie Newnam, Ian Wood, Ed Stockunas, John “Hambone” Hamilton, Kenney McCombs, Mike Ireland, David Spivey, Tim Spruill.

2017-2018: Alex Kalasinsky, Christopher Cowan, Dan Roach, David Chapman, Jack Russell, Johnny Ellis, Lex Maccubbin, Matt Seaton, Mike Herron, Tim Trivette, Jamie Newnam, George Mirmelstein, Joe Gaber.

2016-2017: Alex Kalasinsky, Dan Roach, David Chapman, David Hamberg, Jack Russell, Jamie Newnam, John Ellis, John Leo, Tim Trivette.

2015-2016: Alan Larivee, Alex Kalasinsky, Bob Harvey, Daniel Roach, Darin T Darden, David Chapman, David Hamberg, David Spivey, Greg Robinette, Jack Russell, John Ellis, John Leo, Kenny McCombs, Lex MacCubbin, Mike Herron, Mike Ireland, Tim Trivette, Todd Evans.